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Corporate Code of Behavior

The Palazzo Tokyo Plaza Group has set forth its own Corporate Code of Behavior to ensure that, while taking pride in the Palazzo brand, we remain faithful as a corporation, meet our responsibility to society by upholding high ethical standards, and build good relations with our stakeholders, including customers, employees, business partners, local communities, and government officials. We also strive to gain their trust and to contribute to the sustainable growth of society.Top management, aware of their role in realizing the spirit of the Corporate Code of Behavior and of their need to set an example through their leadership, establish effective institutions in the company for ensuring that the management of both the company and the Group is based on corporate ethics and legal compliance, and that the transparency and fairness of corporate administration are constantly enhanced. If anything occurs that is in violation of this Corporate Code of Behavior, top management demonstrate to those inside and outside the company their commitment to solving the problem themselves, and endeavor to determine the cause and to prevent recurrence. Moreover, they exercise prompt and accurate information disclosure and accountability to society and, clarifying authority and responsibility, carry out strict disposition of those involved, themselves included if that is the case. The officers and employees of the Palazzo Tokyo Plaza Group are required to be thoroughlyfamiliar with this Corporate Code of Behavior, and to behave as upstanding members of society both in their work duties and in their daily lives.