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Our Corporate Philosophy

Creating a Culture of Play. This is the philosophy that guides the Palazzo Tokyo Plaza Group and the essence of what we have been pursuing since our founding. As a company always ahead of the age in creating entertainment that offers an entirely new game experience, we have gained the support and trust of our customers and business partners with our firm policy of “transparent, fair, and clean operations,” building bright and comfortable play environments and providing entertainment services brimming with hospitality. As we go forward, we will continue to pursue this corporate philosophy so that we can always be a pachinko industry innovator. About our logo The logo is designed on the motif of the ginkgo leaf, a symbol of nobility. The crossing of three leaves represents the relationship of trust among our customers, employees, and the company. The ginkgo tree has also long been a symbol of learning. This is in line with our company’s principle of valuing learning and people who learn.
Our business creed Creation and practice, simplicity and fortitude, respect and harmony, solidarity Our core principles We believe that work is the loftiest human endeavor and that our duties are sacred.
We believe we must improve ourselves with a spirit of gratitude and service and a spirit of discipline and courtesy. We believe we must serve society and customers through our work and service. We believe that the prosperity and fate of the company and our shops go hand in hand. We believe that through our sacred duties as a company we should earn sound and fair profits. We believe we must always endeavor to learn and to nurture a spirit of creation and practice and mutual respect. We take pride in being members of the Palazzo Tokyo Plaza Group, active on the front lines of the leisure industry to provide people with enjoyment. Our three main goals To achieve the highest customer satisfaction in Japan. To become the best place to work in Japan. To achieve the highest return on assets in Japan.Our guidelines We believe we must strive daily for innovation in how we carry out our work.
 We believe we must strive daily for innovation in our shop’s marketing strategy in line with customer satisfaction.
 We believe we must strive daily for innovation in our shop’s software and hardware.