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Human Resources

Carrying on our DNA A core issue for us is developing human resources to carry on the Palazzo DNA—people who enjoy working, who can think beyond existing concepts, and who think for themselves and are able to take action. They also need to understand the essence of our DNA and be able to continue it faithfully. Our goal is to pass on to the next generation the history of how we built Palazzo into what it is today and how we would like Palazzo to develop in the future.Employee Benefits Peace of mind helps make every day more fulfilling Being uneasy and worried harms concentration and hampers people’s ability to work. We provide our employees with a range of benefit plans to ensure they can pass each day with peace of mind, enabling them to perform to their fullest ability. Housing subsidies Employees can live in one-room apartments with monthly rent of 30,000 yen. The company also covers all initial costs. Long-term income support plan In case an employee is unable to continue working due to an accident, etc., outside of work, compensation is paid up to to the individual’s 60th birthday at most, in the form of equivalent salary payments. Health insurance plans Employees are enrolled in health insurance and cancer insurance plans upon joining the company. The company covers the costs. Transfer leave and transfer allowance Leaves and allowances are granted when employees move due to personnel transfer. Marriage leave and congratulatory cash gifts Employees receive marriage leave and a congratulatory cash gift when they marry. Unaccompanied transfer allowances These apply when employees are temporarily transferred and must leave their family behind. They receive monthly allowances and travel expenses for home visits, etc. Overlapping education costs If children of transferred employees must transfer to a different school, the overlapping education costs are covered by the company. Continuous service commendation Employees who continue working for a certain number of years receive commendation from the company. The gifts and commemorative gifts awarded vary with the number of years. Retirement benefits Employees who have continued on the job for at least three years become eligible for retirement benefits.