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Social Contribution

Palazzo no Mori was established in April 2012 in Chiba-shi, Chiba Prefecture, as a place for employees and their families to engage in environmental
protection and CSR activities. It also serves as a place for employees to deepen their ties and for families to enjoy good times together.Palazzo no Mori in Chiba-shi, Chiba Prefecture
It is said that there are 380,000 people with visual impairments living in Japan today. Guide dogs provide walking support to those who cannot see or have difficulty seeing. JGDA trains these guide dogs and lends them out free of charge. Our company provides ongoing support for their efforts and sponsors many different volunteer activities, such as hands-on learning as well as opportunities for our employees and their families to meet with guide dogs and their users.Photo courtesy of the Japan Guide Dog Association
The Warabi Shop (opened in 2011) and Funabashi Part III Shop (opened in 2013) were built as our original eco-design shops. By using solar power, LED lighting, gas-powered generators, wall greening, and gas heat pump (GHP) air conditioning, the shops achieve large energy savings compared to conventional shops. With more than 90 percent of our shops now using LED lighting, we operate environmentally friendly shops.Solar panels on the roof of the Warabi Shop